Dali Ville is set to be the icing on the surrealist cake, incorporating the 2011 Burning Man theme of “Rites of Passage”. Our collective creativity has inspired us to build a village containing some ‘Dali’ inspired surreal elements on the playa:
  • melting clocks
  • twisted trees
  • flying pigs
  • plastic lobsters
  • draping cloths
  • 8 foot eyeball
  • flying animals
  • marching insects
  • gala's head
  • shadow figures
  • additional surrealist imagery

With the support and teamwork of creating Dali Ville, we look forward to hosting a “Surreal Cabaret” incorporating: melted clock pizza night, music, dancing and a sexy insect crawl (insext).

With support and teamwork Dali Ville will include:

  • Large main shade structure
  • Communal bar
  • Shared fully stocked kitchen supplies
  • Communal meal plan is an option: each person/couple cooks one meal for the camp, everyone gets fed on the playa. Or you can opt for a clean up shift instead of cooking
  • Private hot shower ( or bring your own water/shower bag)
  • Private portapotty
  • The coolest campmates on the playa!
  • Plastic Lobster

2011 Burning Man theme of Rites of Passage tickets are $300 for 7 days. All participants must purchase their own ticket. Working for, or providing materials for the Dali Ville project may open up discounted tickets and exempt you from paying Dali Ville dues. All individuals not providing help, or materials before Burning Man August 2011, will be subject to Dali Ville camp dues. Dues: affordable amount will be verified with committed Dali Ville total member count.

Dali Ville’s main building structure is centered around Los Angeles, yet participation can be created from anywhere.