Burners Skool

last night i went to help out at burners skool in the costume department :) heres the minutes from my elephants memory. LOL

if you can get to a gathering (workshop, skool, festivals, etc.) in your city it is a GOOD idea, they go over many different informative areas of BM from health, (mental & physical) to practical what to bring, supplies, food, dos & donts, art, costumes, etc.

please feel free to add to this list & help our virgins, as well as burners who might have forgotten some tips :) looking forward to experiencing the beauty with you all!

MWAH, xoox princess trooper

Burners Skool notes 2011

1. be prepared
2. research what you need to bring & download the packing lists online
3. ID: now we all need to have our ID on the playa for drinks at the bars. many fines have been given out for serving ‘under age’ even though many of the operations were sting and set up by under covers cops last year. many camps got thousands of dollars in fines.
4. photocopy your ID and put in your bag you take with you at all times. you can get clear ID holders to clip to your bag, (BTW they works awesome as well for a playa present)
5. federal & state nevada reinforcements as well as undercover are all there, so dont be doing anything u shouldn't be. greens: smoke in your camp, it is the easiest thing to get busted for bc the cops can smell it
6. peeing on the playa: $125 fine if u get busted
7. we have lawyers in the BM community if anything goes out of alignment, you can get support from them
8. rangers are there to protect us. in need they are great to help. they are our friends, they have a job to protect the city, and the ‘protocols’ so dont do things you shouldn’t in front of them either.
9. be smart, you are in a city. there are all type of people same as in other cities globally. use your street smarts!
10. be safe, know where you are, and who you are with, but have fun & be free! cautious: is being aware & smart. paranoid: stems from fear. use your safe cautious intuition :)
11. cell phones on the playa: larry harvey quoted in the playa newspaper last year: “use your cell phones like you use your drugs... in your tents.”
12. you might experience you highest highs and lowest lows of you life, so be ready for it, surrender, relax, get in touch with your best friend: yourself!
13. you might get lost, loose all your friends, but you can experience a magical freedom make new friends & have the most amazing trip
14. you can have the most fun of your life, with your friends. lovers, etc, but you can also experience the most loneliest times of you life as well
15. be honest and nice with your campmates if you are having a ‘mixed’ day & need some space from everyone/everything, & take it for yourself!
16. really just be
17. you cannot physically see & do everything you want to, so just go with the flow & have fun being in the moment, in the present with whoever/whatever you are experiencing
18. always have electrolytes in your water, keep hydrated at all times. believe it or not: alcohol is not a re-hydrator. LOL... lots of water, greens, juice and electrolytes.
19. listen to your body: take naps when you feel it, eat when your hungry, give your body what it is craving
20. costumes: have fun & be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. be whatever you like whenever you want.
21. costumes: make sure you can go to the bathroom in a portapotty when you really need to go! *very important* for example the bali wrap pants are not a good idea, as you have to take your pants off every-time you need to go
22. make sure to always wear something that lights up for your safety. you want to be visible for artcar/bikes, etc.
23. always have dust-masks, goggles, with you
24. warm clothes for night,
25. cool clothes in the day & hats to keep the sun off ur head
26. sunscreen, etc.
27. foot care: wash & moisturize feet daily & nightly if you can remember. (vinegar in foot baths is a good idea)
28. always wear new (fresh) socks & boots, dust free footwear, comfortable is best! break in your shoes b4 the playa
29. research all other info online and keep yourself up to date!
30. start packing now!