body paint on the playa

it is burning man after all & anything goes! just be smart and courteous (common courtesy is not so common these days) to your campmates, family, friends & neighbours.

if you DO decide to participate in the body paint parties, please DO NOT SIT in anyone else’s chair, but your own. a couple years ago there was a group of “blue people” that got drunk for days & sat in every campmates chair. This spread to the destruction and wrecking all our clothing, accessories and skin because guess what? we all sit in our chairs daily.... and that started a huge fight! Many of us spend alot of time creating (not to mention money) on our costumes for the playa.

you are free to do what you want as long as it does not impact other peoples freedom. So paint yourself blue, but make sure it drys and does not transfer to others or transfers to people via chairs or other items.