Large ProjectsEdit

Camp ArtEdit

  1. Gala's head 4 meters tall. An "A frame" cut out similar to Dali's triptic of Gala.
  2. Shade Structure. 10 x 10 m arched bamboo "rainbow bridge" design
  3. Dali's Last supper - back wall of shade structure with matching dinner table
  4. Kiss Couch Couch shaped like a pair of lips. Red Cherry lips.
  5. Clothes pin in the playa.
  6. Gaint eye ball an 7 foot tall eye that a person can carry around with.
  7. IMM devices - see IMM pages.
  8. Ants marching Camp perimeter is delineated with hundreds of 30 cm (12inch) tall ants.
  9. Eiffel Tower - I have a 8 foot high platform that looks much like the fist floor of the eiffel. Want to add a second level and a pointy top, wa la, eiffel tower
  10. Secret Project # 1 - Dali ground cover lay a 200 x 200 foot black ground cover that spells out DALI. This should be viewable from space. The lines of the letters are 30 feet wide. people can camp or park vehicles on the letters as long as they are dark (black, blue, green) Light colored items should be placed off the DALI letters